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Feedback from our customers is the most important indicator of the quality of our work. We can only ever achieve the best in development - you tell us whether it is also the best in use. Take the time to read what other users have to say about MySense products:

Steffi has been using MYSENSE IntimateCare from day one of development

“Grooming has really changed the way I am as a woman. It’s not just the functional aspects such as hygiene, protection and prevention.

It’s something much more important:
My experience of how I feel when I use MYSENSE.

Steffi Werner (46)

The lasting freshness and the wonderful feeling of total vitality, health, cleanliness and care.

Just what every woman probably wants.”

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Conny brings her expertise as an entrepreneur in the healthcare sector to large women's networks, among others

“I train my body and develop my mind every day. But I don’t take care of my private parts?

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a passionate person. I also want to transfer this mental passion to my sexuality..

Cornelia Wanke (54)

The MySense products make me feel really good as a woman in midlife.
They are unique and allow me to be who I am again: courageous, vibrant and passionate.”

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Michaela makes life and love more beautiful and pleasurable with MYSENSE

“Why shouldn’t women feel sexy and desirable at any age? Most of us already do a lot with cosmetics to maintain a fresh and healthy appearance.

However, we often forget about our intimate area, which is such a big part of us.

Michaela Bickel (55)

Developing products that support us in this and taking the topic out of the “dirty corner” is a very special concern of mine – and a pleasure and joy at the same time.”

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Sylvia on her first impressions with MYSENSE TotalSilk

“Total Silk is a really completely different lubricant that redefines the world of intimate products for me. Even the packaging and design are completely different to anything I’ve seen before.

I integrate TotalSilk into my everyday life as a matter of course and never feel like I have to hide anything.

Sylvia Christel (49)

I was also completely surprised by the handling and the effectiveness. The lovemaking is simply not interrupted and is therefore even more intense.

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